Omg we’re back again.

We are back with a new name and a new look! And if you get the reference to the title of this post, you know me so well. Hint hint, it’s the Backstreet Boys. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written on my blog, but life is about to get busy in the next few days and with Christmas around the corner. 

We are nine months out from the start of the pandemic and we are welcoming a new addition to our household. Welcome to the Kwan family, Pippa! Pippa is a beautiful mini goldendoodle with a luscious red coat of fur and four cute little white paws. We applied for a mini goldendoodle in April and we’ll finally get to welcome her home on Monday. 

Pippa is already so special in our lives. Andrew gives me a hard time when another Amazon or Etsy package arrives — it’s usually another toy or cute outfit for Pippa. Stay tuned for lots of spam of our little angel. Of course I have already made her an instagram account so give her a follow at @pippatheminidood

In addition to getting Pippa, we are in the process of selling our home. Let me be real with you. Spending work and home in the confines of a 700 sq. feet apartment was really starting to get to me. I would finish my work day from my living room and look around — our place was a mess, dinner needed to be cooked, and I was completely obliterated from 5+ hours of Zoom calls. All of this started to take a huge toll on my mental health, but I’ve been finding ways to cope.  

Don’t get me wrong, I am very fortunate to have a job and I’m not an essential worker so I get to stay home. But, we can’t ignore that the pandemic (and the recent election) has been heavy on everyone. Normal will be much different from this point onwards. I think life will be defined as “before COVID” and “after COVID”, with “during the COVID pandemic” in between. 

So please keep your fingers crossed that we get an offer from someone very soon because

  1. Pippa is coming and getting our place ready for showings will likely be the same amount of work as a theatrical production. 
  2. Christmas is coming and I NEED to decorate and bake a ton of cookies. 

Stay tuned for more posts about puppies, holiday plans, and what I’ve been reading soon.

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